How it began

How a juicer, a coffee grinder, and ›Prevention‹ magazine birthed a bakery

Our families settled in the Riverton area in the 1950’s and pioneered livestock and cereal grain farms. Cornelius started up his own farm alongside his family's farm when he was 26.


As a young man, Cornelius became the village »health nut« after his parents purchased a juicer for his father's ulcer condition. The juicer book became his health Bible. A coffee grinder from the local Coop store was used as the grain grinder for wholesome bread for the family. Then he discovered the Prevention magazine. In his zeal for promoting health, he ordered subscriptions of the magazine for many people.


Dora's family was one of the recipients of the Prevention magazine. Her mother was an avid reader in health matters and a frequent mail order customer of Vita Health. Adele Davis' book Let's Cook it Right was one of her purchases. It lit Dora’s fire for wholesome food preparation.


We, Dora and Cornelius, married in the early 80's and set out on a collective journey away from the beaten path. Neighbours shook their heads in bewilderment as we experimented with organic farming and then proceeded to homeschool our children. In the late 90's when farming was no longer viable, we decided to go out on a limb and start up an organic bakery.


After much contemplation and market testing at a Farmers' Market, the decision was made to convert our attached double car garage into a bakery. Cornelius' brother Ruben undertook the detailed project with his ingenious ideas and skills. Doors were opened in 2000.


Customers’ requests for yeast free bread led us to search out the late Alan Scott, an old world style baker and master ovencrafter. In 2002 Alan came from California to conduct an oven building workshop. During his stay he prepared a desem starter for us. The brick oven and desem starter he created have been the heart and soul of our bakery. Pizza Night was the outcome of our desire to share the gift of this oven. Its magic has generated community on the farm beyond our dreams.


Today most of our family has gone on to other endeavors. In summer we usually see 1 or 2 returning for a summer job. Our dedicated staff enables us to continue baking for retailers and direct customers. Greyhound freight service has been a key factor in our success from the farm. For this we are grateful!


To your good health!

Dora & Cornelius Friesen

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