The people on our farm

Splitting wood, firing the oven, mixing dough and baking, feeding animals, yard and garden care, are all important. Meet the people who play a part.


Cornelius is ever ready to fire the oven and mill the grain. On baking days he does most of the brick oven baking. Making granola is his department. Dora wears many hats – in the bakery, gardening, agri-tourism activities, and general management. Debbie (daughter) is our longstanding accountant and advisor. When she comes for a weekend, the office and computer are hers. She is a clerk with the Canadian Navy. Jason (son) is the best pizza baker around! He has a woodworking business. Check out Keeping the yard tidy and beautiful is his claim.


Debbie – our accountant



Our reliable staff


Our reliable year round staff is a huge blessing and help. Dwight (brother-in-law) walks to work at 2:00 am, tends the oven, and mixes the dough. He shapes the desem bread and bakes all the muffins. Five stars for his 5 years of service! Anna Sawazky and Adrianne Pann manage the dough, bake cookies, and tend to other bakery details.   


Dwight, Dora & Nicole



Summer staff


The summer staff changes from year to year. This year we have had more changes than usual. Our daughter Debbie has come from Winnipeg most weekends to help with the pizza orders and bookkeeping. What a blessing! Katrina has joined the team for Pizza Nights.  Nathanael, our dedicated pizza topper, has been working at a camp a good portion of the summer. He is back for most of August till the end of the season. Adrianne Pann is with us from France July to mid October. She is a student in food related business and is doing a 3 month work placement at Integrity Foods. It is great to have her!







WWOOFers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and travellers – over the years we have had many travellers stay with us in exchange for work. They have enriched our lives tremendously. Mareike and Jasmin (graphic designers from Germany) stayed with us in summer of 2012 to paint some outbuildings. Then we hired them to do our rebranding. How cool is that?! This new website is their design!

We do not have travellers staying with us this summer.  Adrianne Pann, student from France, is filling the gap nicely with her cheerfulness and steady help.

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