We have activities for you on the farm, in the garden, and even in the bakery! Enjoy the pets and play areas. Walk and dine in the garden. Being an artisan baker for a day might be your wish.

show detailsMost of our animals love attention! Stop for a time of interaction.

Oscar, our Golden Retriever, is crazy for attention. He is young, but strong and still learning social skills. We have numerous farm cats and most summers there are kittens to play with. The goose, chickens and ducks are in a pen scratching and quacking about. The 2 peacocks may be roaming around on our farm or next door. They always return to their favourite spots to roost for the night. The bunnies hop about freely in their warren. The alpacas, Zander and Sanchez, will surely come and say »hello« to you if you have some carrot tops! The young goats, Freddie and Spunky, will be so happy to spend time with you and show off their agility. The 2 sheep might join them in asking for a pat on the head.

show detailsWe have play areas on the farm that catch the fancy of young and old alike.

The playhouse is a place of imaginative play for many children. It is a 2 story playhouse that our children nearly lived in during summers in their younger days. There are swings and a slide nearby. We also have a set of tall swings that give a thrill for those who can pump themselves to good heights. There is plenty of space for soccer or frisbee throwing. The torpedo ball table is a popular hangout spot.

show detailsJudah's Trail is a beckoning walk to a quieter place on the farm.

This trail passes the rabbit warren, chicken pen, and the goats. Here you will find the largest trees on the farm and a bench to sit and reflect.

show detailsThe garden is the place to connect with live plants and food – we design it for your enjoyment.

Take a walk and see what is growing. You might find Dora dishing out stories and experiences on gardening and preserving food. The garden patio is a favorite pizza picnic spot for many of our guests. Why not pick some veggies for your pizza? Choose the Garden Special pizza and be awed by the cornucopia of color, flavors, and textures. We chuckled at one child's choice of rhubarb, but we truly believe you should top yours with whatever rocks your garden pizza!

show detailsArtisan Baker for a Day or Baking Classes

Artisan Baker for a Day

This is your opportunity to learn breadmaking and baking in a wood-fired oven.

You will learn about whole grains, milling fresh flour and its benefits, different styles of breadmaking, and baking in a wood-fired oven. It is a hands on experience in making dough, foccacia, bread, and pita pockets. The ideas can all be done at home in a conventional oven.


Arrange your own class for family and friends and book a date or check on the pre-scheduled dates. Class can be customized to what the class wants to learn.


People per class: min 3 – max 5

Cost: 125.00 per person

Time: 9:00–4:00 or so

Foccacia lunch with salad included. Coffee or tea available.

Take home baked goods, recipes and good memories.



Baking Classes

Do you want to learn to bake bread or improve your skills? Here is your chance to not only learn how to bake bread but also learn how to do it the wholesome way. Learn about milling the grain, the benefits of slow fermentation, hand kneading, and much more. We will be using the ancient grains. Some classes are planned with particular topics. The classes can also be customized to what the group would like to learn. This is a hands on class. Come prepared with a head scarf or hat and comfortable shoes. Aprons will be provided. Paper and pen also provided for notes or bring your own notebook. The class is 4–5 hours.


Cost: 50.00 per person


Includes coffee / tea time, taking home the bread you made, some recipes, and support for baking questions you may have later.



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