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show detailsLaunching the new brand!

Life has its interesting curves! It all began in the busiest season of the year – summer! Read about this in the previous news item. We are now in December. This is reflective of us continuing our operations as usual in the midst of the rebranding process.


We have the highest baking orders of the year the week before Christmas, AND now we are launching the new brand! This will show up on the packaging. The label is a new design, which includes our logo and French as required by Canadian law when shipping outside of our region. Each package will display an attached tag that places the product in one of 3 categories by color. The categories are: Naturally Leavened (greenish), Goods with Yeast (blue), and Sweet Stuff (pink). This will enable customers to shop by color! The back of the tag features our story in a condensed style.


The back label on our products will come out in January. This one will have the nutrition facts table, bar code, best before date, and the organic certification logo when we are re-certified. We know many people have been waiting for the nutrition facts tables. We are grateful for their patience.


Browse the website! We hope you will learn lots about Integrity Foods and its fine products and engaging experiences.


The new signage will have the same style you see on the homepage. It has a vertical design, white on black. The sign maker is already at work.


We are excited about the new look and the boost it will give the business! We look forward to keeping you posted with news and events here. Join us on Facebook for what is happening on a weekly basis.


show detailsGraphic designers come to the farm June 28 – July 22, 2012

Hi there,

We came across your farm while browsing the web for organic farms near Winnipeg. We are two graphic designers from Germany and we are currently travelling through Canada. We'd love to join your team by doing wwoofing or any kind of regular paid farm work, if this is available. We are open minded, team players and very motivated girls :) We'll be in Winnipeg around mid of next week and would like to stay on your farm for a week or so.

Would you please let us know if you need any help on your farm for this period of time? It would be lovely to hear back from you guys.

Jasmin & Mareike


Our reply to them was that we had work! The flaky paint was removed from the old barn with gusto. The new paint was soaked up by the thirsty, weathered boards.


At this very time we were designing a new logo and labels. It did not seem to be going in the right direction. Then the realization hit us – we have 2 graphic designers in our house. Give them the work of rebranding! Wow! Once this was agreed upon, they switched from painting to designing a new look for us. They took on the whole package approach and developed the logo, labels with tags, website, signs, business cards, and gift certificate.


What a God-send! Thank-you, Jasmin and Mareike, for the gift of your creativity to us!


By the way, the painting was completed by another visitor from Germany who stopped by for a week! Thank-you, Patrick! We now have a fantastic movie wall!

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