About Pizza Night

For a unique experience in the Interlake region, come for a pizza picnic on the farm to connect with family and friends. Watch as your custom made pizza is baked in the outdoor wood-fired oven.

Pizza Night is opening on July 3, 2020!  We are looking forward to another season of summer fun with pizza fans looking for an experience on the farm. As always, we will be open for you to come and have a picnic or to take your pizza with you. Safety measures will be implemented in consideration of the coronavirus. Welcoming everyone with Travel Manitoba's theme HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS!     


Here are the dates for the summer of 2020. 

Time: 5:00–9:00

Friday and Saturday

July 3  to September 12, 2020

Sorry, we cannot take phone orders during Pizza Night because all hands are on deck.  If you are planning to order ahead, make sure your order is in before 4:00. 


How does Pizza Night work?

When you arrive at our farm, park in the parking area, or on the road if it is a busy night. We hope to greet you with a welcome! Find the menu on our website, on the menu board where you order, or pick up a yellow menu paper.  Place your order with the one taking orders and payment. Then your order is passed on to the pizza toppers who prepare the pizza. When the baker is ready for your pizza it is taken to Hildegard, the outdoor brick oven. The fire in the back of the oven bakes it quickly. When it is baked to perfection, it is placed in a pizza box and sliced.





Ashley taking an order


We invite you to have a picnic on our farm. Tables, chairs and umbrellas are set up for your use or find a secluded spot that suits you. Lots of picnic blankets are available.


You are welcome to bring drinks, salad, or desserts for your picnic. Remember, this is not a restaurant! We have Pop Shoppe drinks you can purchase. There is also coffee, water, and Dora's popular garden fresh, iced mint tea.



Is Pizza Night on rain or shine?


Yes! We have a gazebo that will keep you dry on a rainy day and cool on a hot day. We are also installing an awning over the ordering area for those surprise rainy times.



What do we do while we wait? 


Your waiting time may not be long enough to do all there is to do! Enjoy some more activities after you finish your picnic. You could check out the baked goods, visit the pets, walk the garden and join Dora in talking about home grown / local food, just sit and reflect on life, check out the play areas for the children, torpedo ball, soccer, or take a walk on Judah's forest trail. Check out Activities.



What is different about your pizza?


It is »one of a kind«.


1. We are very selective about our ingredients. 

Crust: it is made with organic spelt  flour.

Gluten free rice crusts are available. Please call ahead.

Pizza sauce: our own special blend

Meat: We support local farmers - our nearest one is right next door to us. Dwight raises grass-fed beef. Look for the North 40. It is a replacement of the Prairie Bision. 

Other choices of meat are pickerel cheeks (in July), ham, chicken, bacon. For something different, try egg on a pizza.

Cheese: Manitoba Made Bothwell cheese – except for the Daiya melt that is also available (dairy free - vegan).

Veggies: from the store and our garden as available


2. Ambience: the peaceful farm setting creates an unforgettable, sensory experience.



How can I pay for my pizza?

1. With cash, debit, e-transfer, or cheque.

Sorry, no credit card service available.

2. OR we can swap pizza for an evening of music. Call us to book your spot!

This telpay service is not available - and probably quite obsolete!



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