Pizza menu

Here is our regular selection of pizzas. Watch for specials from time to time!

2 sizes are available – 8" and 11"

All pizzas have our home blended pizza sauce.


Southwest Chicken  

8" $17.00 – 11" $23.50

Our 10th anniversary special – created by Rebekah while she was working on building projects here.

Sauteed chicken, caramelized bell pepper, corn, sun-baked black beans, red onion, BBQ sauce blended with our pizza sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese with jalapeno



8" $17.00 – 11" $23.50

Pepperoni, fresh mushroom, mozzarella cheese

Local grass fed beef pepperoni


Fresh baked pizza



8" $17.00 – 11" $22.50

Fresh tomato, red onion, fresh mushrooms, green pepper, zucchini, mozzarella cheese, hemp nuts and garlic – optional



8" $17.00 – 11" $22.50

Sliced egg, green olives, red pepper, Tex Mex cheese (marble – slightly hot)

This idea comes from Malta, where Cornelius' brother and family lived for some time.



8" $17.00 – 11" $22.50

Ham, fresh pineapple, mozzarella & cheddar cheese



Prairie Bison

8" $17.50 – 11" $23.50

Ground bison, sauteed onion & mushrooms, mozzarella cheese – garlic and pepper flakes optional

Locally raised bison.


3 Cheese

8" $17.00 – 11" $22.50

Monterrey Jack, Colby, part skip mozzarella


Garden Special

8" $17.00 – 11" $22.50

With basket in hand you pick in the garden what you want on your pizza, then head over to the cleanup station to wash and prepare the veggies for your pizza. The sky is the limit – well, really it is the garden that is the limit!


Garden Special


The Bavarian  

8" $17.00 – 11" $22.50


Farmer sausage - Manitoba Made, sauerkraut (made with cabbage from our garden), mozzarella cheese

Topped with garlic - roasted nicely by the fire



July Special

Fisherman's Catch 

8" 17.50    11" 23.50

Another local choice - Lake Winnipeg pickerel

Fresh pickerel cheeks prepared in garlic butter then smothered in sweet and spicy lemon sauce, wilted spinach

(from our garden when available), mozzarella cheese topped with lemon tidbits and dill.  Base - house made

cream sauce


Extra toppings

$2.00 extra



Red peppers

Green peppers



Hemp nuts  


Extra cheese




Tex Mex (with jalapeno)

3 Cheese Blend


Extra Meat





Ground Bison   



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